Tuber Store: REOPENING late Oct / early Nov!


Our Promise

We only sell individual tubers from dahlias we have grown on our farm. So we know how they've been cared for, they will have a viable eye and will be in good growing condition when shipped to you. And we only sell & ship tubers we would plant for ourselves.

There are some common reasons dahlias do not thrive and we cannot be responsible for your particular storage or growing conditions. But if you experience a problem with your shipment, please contact us immediately so we can help you resolve it!

We just ask that upon receipt of your tubers you open and inspect them promptly and alert us to any issues. Growing dahlias should be a fabulously rewarding experience and we are here to help!


Dahlia tubers are very cold-sensitive. They don't do well when exposed to sub-freezing temperatures in the ground or on a delivery truck. So we only ship our tubers in the spring when we can be confident they will arrive safely at your door and in time to be planted in your area.

Tubers ordered Oct 2022 - Apr 2023 should ship between mid-April and mid-May 2023.

If you prefer an earlier shipping date (if you live in California or Texas, you probably do...) please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you! Just be aware that some dahlia varieties (such as Mrs. Eileen and Platinum Blonde) develop visible eyes relatively late, so early shipments may include some tubers whose eye(s) are not yet visible.

We usually ship via USPS Priority Mail but may use another delivery method that we expect to be equally (or more) expeditious.


  • $9.95 (1-5 tubers)
  • $12.95 (6-15 tubers)
  • $16.95 (16+ tubers)

We can only ship to the Continental United States.

Storage Failure

It is possible that a dahlia tuber you order may not store well during the winter and will not meet our quality standards for planting. We really hate when this happens, but if it does we will attempt to contact you to provide you the option of a refund or a replacement for the affected tuber(s).